How does it works

The principle of operation is very simple: in the URL field you specify a link that you need to anonymize, copy it and paste it on your site as a regular link. Or you can generate links on the side of the site like

The user first gets to the layer of the anonymizer and from there already moves to the site where you sent it, everything is clean, in the field Referer the site owner will see an anonymizer, not your site.

How does it works

If you want to automatically make all links anonymous, both old and new - just add the following code to the bottom of each page before the closing tag </body>

 <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


It works very fast


Allows you to remove from the statistics of the site, where the original site went by the user, changing the field Referer anonymizer


Anonymizer links reliably hides the source of the transition of any number of links


The final site has no way of knowing the real Referer from which the user came

What are anonymous links?

Anonymizer links is a free tool for webmasters. Anonymous links hide the true source of the transition to someone else's site, which is sometimes extremely necessary to hide your resource in the statistics of third-party sites. Further development of the project involves the expansion of the service and the addition of "short links" functionality. We are not responsible for direct or indirect damage that may be caused to webmasters or third parties when using the service.